Service Description Rate
Photo Essay Assignments

Let me tell your story through photographs and words. As seen on Inkifi, Vimpt, Seniman Singalong, and Live Encounters Mag.

Hourly or Daily

Interior Photography

Airbnb Plus style. Overview and detail images. 3-5 photos per room. Full resolution and web friendly downloads.

Hourly or Daily

Food Photography

Artistic style. As seen on Griya Amed, Firefly Eco Lodge, and BeingSattvaa.


Street Photography Tours

Come along with a passionate street photographer through Bali's traditional pasars. All proceeds benefit local animal rescue NGOs.

Learn more on

Donation Based

Album Covers

Give me your quirky, weird, and edgy concepts yearning to break free.

Samples in the cover me project.



Service Description Rate

Articles and Blog Posts



Emails, Newsletters, eBooks, and Blogs


Content Creation

Service Description Rate (USD)
Monthly Content Updates

Routine website content and software updates.

Up to four regularly scheduled email campaigns. Full content required 2 business days before launch to allow for one review cycle.

Does not cover new projects like a new web page or new kind of one-off campaign.


Monthly Newsletter

Content writing/editing up to 500 words (an average newsletter).

This includes properly licensed media selection and photo editing if needed.

I source from free micro stock agencies such as Unsplash and Pexels.

Theme and concept required 3-4 business days before launch to allow for two review cycles.


Blog Post: $25.00

Both: $145.00

Full Monthly Plan

$200.00 (11% off full price)

Web Development

Service Description Rate (USD)
Website Design & Development

I work with you to bring your concept to life.

We can start from scratch or take what you have and give it a facelift.

Schedule a complimentary 30 minute consult. I'll follow-up with a free quote.

Hourly, fixed, or expedited

Monthly Care Plan

Do you need someone to check your WordPress, theme, PHP, and plugins every month? I can do that for you.

Routine content updates like simple text and image changes are included.

If you need a new page, a new site, or a site redesign, let's talk about starting up a web dev project. I love making sites run faster and rank higher for SEO too.

$40/month cancel any time

$400/year two months free—no refunds

$75/hour expedited rate