Digital Fluency: Why You Should Embrace Technical Jargon and Writing Code!

There are 1.72 billion websites in the world. 3.5 billion of us are online. 3.8 billion people are using email. In the US, about 16% of adults in the are not digitally fluent. Nine out of ten of my clients say they are not “good” with computers.

Americans fear technology more than death!

From my experience, technophobia begins with the fear of technical jargon. And, most of the people I see in online forums ask for help because they can’t code.

In this presentation, we’ll cover why you should embrace technical terms instead of shunning them. We’ll also dabble in basic coding skills to prove how quickly you can learn what many consider daunting.

List of Materials Covered During the 12 February 2020 Session


Code Lab

  1. CodePen - Online Coding Environment
  2. Coding tutorial based on Customizing a Call-to-Action Button article.
  3. Pen used for the Code Lab
  4. HTML (Hpyertext Markup Language) gives a webpage structure and content.
  5. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) gives style to HTML elements.

Tools Sharing

GIF Recorder