will work for ko-fi version 2.0.0

a custom gutenberg block (cgb) for the official ko-fi donation button.

ww4kofi2 is written in react, and it features a live preview of the ko-fi button in the editor. it’s a lightweight plugin at only 47 KB zipped with no 3rd-party dependencies.

Will Work for Ko-fi Guttenberg Block v2
will work for ko-fi plugin

get your very own custom ko-fi button. download the ww4kofi2 plugin from wordpress.org today.

fork a copy on github.

hide and seek header for avada

built for the avada theme, this plugin hides the regular and sticky header when scrolling down for minimal distractions.

features include settings to disable on mobile, enable animation, and enable landing page mode.

hide and seek header plugin for avada
hide and seek header plugin settings

download the hide and seek header plugin from wordpress.org.

fork a copy on github.

ashtabula - a swiper slider plugin for wordpress

bringing the power of the swiper js library to wordpress

this is a minimalist plugin for displaying responsive cards in a slide.

on a wide screen device, the slide will show a horizontal card (image on the left and text on the right). on a small device, the slide becomes a stacked card with the image on the top and text on the bottom.

stay tuned for a custom gutenberg block version that’s in the works.

ashtabula swiper slider plugin on a desktop screen
ashtabula swiper slider plugin on a mobile screen

download the ashtabula swiper slider plugin from wordpress.org.

powered by swiper.

fork a copy on github.

a wordpress filter for gallery captions.

with gic, we can display the title, caption, and description image attributes. we can also change/filter the rendering html to whatever we want.

the gic plugin overrides the wordpress gallery shortcode function to create a hook. this hook allows you to customise gallery image captions.

custom gallery image captions

gic responsive examples

see more usage examples or download the gallery image captions (gic) plugin from wordpress.org.

fork a copy on github.

more to come

search placeholder avada customises the placeholder text in the search input field for the avada theme

auto hero avada automates the setting of a post’s hero image directly from the featured image for the avada theme