going to san francisco 1

market street 35mm film

san francisco

the first time i went to san francisco was during a family trip to the philippines. i don’t remember the exact year. but, i remember wearing polyester track jackets on top of polyester disco shirts with matching polyester bell bottoms. if i had to guess it was around my junior-high years 1977-79.

i find myself tripping back to san francisco since then. i did a gig with oracle corp on the peninsula for one whole summer. i stayed downtown and commuted to the redwood shores campus every morning–back to the nikko every night.

city hall from market street 35mm film

i eventually moved to southern california. the two main jobs i worked were based in san diego. but, i was required to travel to san francisco occasionally for business. i entertained (half hearted) an offer to relocate to sf from sd at one point. that required a semi-serious house hunting trip around the bay area.

then my daughter emily got accepted to the san francisco art institute (sfai). she went for a year or so. i helped move her up there. i went back again shortly after via another road trip. this time with our dog phoenix in emily’s two-door bimmer that i bought for her to use when she was in high school. i sold the bimmer on the spot upon arrival (at the honda dealer on the corner of van ness and market). this was back in 2011. it was my goodbye to the USA trip before moving to bali.

i was in sf again in 2016 for emily’s graduation from laney college in oakland. then again in 2017. it’s late 2019 as i write this journal entry. i feel that i’m overdue for a visit.

travel lodge 35mm film

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